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The Firm allows educators the freedom to focus solely on the education processes of our user, while we, the innovators, facilitate the partnerships, sponsorships, networks, services, programs, and other development activities necessary to advance the feasibility and viability of our youth to break the vicious cycle of poverty. Teachers and administrators never have to worry about being anything other than inspiring their students and sparking their interest in the coursework. We work hand in hand with administrators and educators to pick up exactly where they leave. Never worry about being  overwhelmed, understaffed, and under resourced to support all of your students needs. Plus, teachers don’t have time for it, but we do, that’s our job.

Within the first year of our incorporation, we have established a national ThinkTank to design a curriculum that exceeds the needs and expectations of our students. Our group of “intellectual philanthropists” comprises educators and innovators from top institutions including Harvard, Stanford, Northwestern, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania, amongst others. Through the application of a rigorous curriculum, our Think Academy specializes in teaching the crafts of service leadership, financial literacy, and social entrepreneurship to future generations. Upon the successful completion of our Think Academy, we provide our graduates with opportunities to utilize their developments talents and skills set in the “real world.”

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On October 1, 2017

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