The Greatest School of Thought

April 10, 2014

At Think Academy, our students learn about the way they think. We foster elements of thought, cultivate collecting thinking, develop tools of thought, and promote the power of positive thinking.


Developing The Tools of Thought
  • Develop automaticity in skills, concepts, and processes that support and enable complex thought.
Thinking About Thinking
  • Identify unexamined cultural, historical, and personal assumptions and misconceptions that impede and skew inquiry.
Extending and Integrating Thought
  • Use appropriate technologies as extensions of the mind. Considering different approaches to the construction of truth: religious revelation, intellectual deduction, sensory observation.
Expressing and Evaluating Constructs
  • Construct and support judgments based on evidence. Write and speak with power, economy, and elegance.
Thinking and Acting with Others
  • Identify, understand, and accept the rights and responsibilities of belonging to a diverse community. Evaluating the tension between individual freedom and personal responsibility.

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