A Tale of Two Cities

October 3, 2017

A descriptive visual of the disparities in the standards of living between the rich and the poor. To view the full graphic and article, visit the March 2013 edition of Louisville Magazine, pages 30-31.

In about all major U.S. cities, there exists a tale of two cities, with striking disparities in the quality of life and standards of living, that continue to divide our communities along social and economic lines. These structural barriers and imaginary boundaries that segregate us are man-made and require us to to address the underlying causes that hinder our neighbors upward social mobility and economic prosperity. To better understand the tangible effects of disparities in income and education, one need only observe, across income lines, the stark contrasts between businesses, institutions, and other infrastructures. From schools to financial institutions to grocery stores to investment and development, these contrasts explain the discrepancy in quality of life and standards of living, along with the life chances and life outcomes among the impoverished.

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