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Our mission

Our Mission

CityThink specializes in breakthrough solutions centralized on social entrepreneurship, service leadership, and financial literacy. Designed to save lives and preserve dignity of America’s most vulnerable citizens, our prolific work generates opportunities and accelerates possibilities for young people to thrive in life’s greatness.

Our Vision

The goal for CityThink is to alleviate the impoverished state of mind through innovative programs designed cultivate confidence, enable economic empowerment, and spur social innovations in urban communities across the United States of America, starting in Atlanta, GA. With the fierce urgency of now, we empower our city’s youth with the necessary opportunities, networks, and resources to make a positive social impact in our community. We are determined to help our youth reach their infinite potential and build a brighter future.

Our Core Value



384 Northyards Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30313


Phone: (502) 494-5815