CityThink’s donor based memberships allows funders of all variations to make a GREAT impact. We intend to catalyze support and build investment by allowing everyday people (the backbone of our society) to donate in small amounts they can afford. CityThink intends to build network of investors into a groundbreaking grassroots movement for the next generation of social entrepreneurs. We seek to invest our time and efforts in addressing the root causes of structural disparities that continue to plague embattled young people. We welcome you to support CityThink’s mission by joining one of the programs below and becoming a member today.

  • Ruby

    per month

    Support training and

    stipend for a

    CityThink Mentor

  • Emerald

    per month

    Sponsor a current

    Think Academy Student

    and ensure a lasting

    peer mentorship

  • Sapphire

    per month

    Sponsor an extensive

    10-month long

    Service Fellowship

    for a CityThink alum

  • Diamond

    per month

    Sponsor an innovative

    Social Enterprise

    that addresses our city’s

    most pressing problems