Upon the successful completion of our Think Academy’s curriculum program, we provide our graduates with opportunities to utilize their developed talents & skills set in the “real world.” Our City Talents’ Programs connects our graduates with peer mentorships, service fellowships, and a residency in social enterprise. Collectively, through the generous support of our partners and sponsors, CityThink alleviates urban poverty, improve the life chances of our city’s marginalized youth, and develop social enterprises that make an impact. Every summer, we hold our annual CityThink RISE Summit at Muhammad Ali Center.


CityThink provides our academy’s graduates with an opportunity to participate in an extensive 10-month fellowship program. Graduates apply their learned knowledge, leadership ability, and developed skill set in service to existing organizations and institutions. Through this hands-on experience, we create a win-win scenario for our youth, the organizations they serve, and the respective communities in which they reside.
Service fellowships allow our passionate urban youth with an opportunity to address the obvious social needs within their communities. We connect cohorts to organizations with shared vision and allow them an opportunity to practice their enthusiastic passion to carry out their social responsibility. Through this transformational experience, our urban youth gain personal insights from community leaders and organizations working to bring social change to particular issues. Our youth carry the robust pulse of our communities, and as a result, we provide them a fellowship program to actively engage their interests and offer them fascinating insight into the operations of community development.
CityThink Service Fellowships’ offer our youth a complete view and understanding of servant leadership through exposure to local leaders and community organizations. They bring their new ideas and unique perspectives, as emerging leaders, to our community’s current nonprofit and public infrastructure. Through CityThink’s service fellowship program, our youth develop their skills, confidence, problem solving abilities and connections, which will pay great dividends to them personally and professionally. Collectively, our youth are provided with meaningful and fulfilling service opportunities.


Every year, CityThink hosts the annual R.I.S.E (Residents in Social Enterprise) Summit.  We provide our Think Academy’s graduates with an inclusive platform  to showcase their imaginative ideas and innovative solutions to the city’s most pressing problems. Through the course of our Think Academy’s curriculum program, we help our most ambitious students identify problems, avail resources, and develop entrepreneurial business proposals. At the Summit, we hold a business plan competition and the winning team(s), the ones with the most compelling and effective business plans, are rewarded with our “Residents in Social Enterprise.”
CityThink RISE Apprentices are rewarded with start-up seed funding, community resources, and tailored business consulting. To support their sustainable development, CityThink provides our apprenticeships with a wide range of services catered to meet their individual needs. Essentially, these mission-oriented “agents of change” will have the opportunity and resources to to transform the communities in which they reside and the respective markets in which they operate through social entrepreneurship.